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Sammie Brockhoff 2001-2014

Sammie Brockhoff 2001-2014 - Click For EnlargementToday, May 29, 2014, I took Sammie's 13th birthday picture off Northcoast Greyhounds' front page and replaced it with her memorial picture. In an instant, it seems, from celebration to devastation.

We celebrated the day she arrived from Amazing Greys, too, Sammie's having given birth to six live pups and mothering them to adoption.

Sammie, part Borzoi, came from one of those illicit breeders experimenting with lurchers. Her long nose and furry tail were the biggest clues to her mixed heritage. We would never want this coyote breeder to know that this one time, out of an entire litter, he had created the perfect companion, destined to bring such joy to our family.

Sammie was especially affectionate- everyone she met used the word "sweet" in describing Sam, who got on well with any human or dog to enter our home- she even tolerated that rascal, Fabian. And playful? Sammie was the most playful of all - the giant basket of stuffies on the greyt room step is Sammie's alone. Just walking past it now brings a jolt to the heart seeing that all her toys are right there in that basket instead of scattered throughout the house!.

I can now go to bed without brushing Sammie-hair off my pillow. Without scooting her over to make room on my side of the bed. Always my side of the bed. Dinnertime will be easier and more standardized for Jerry without having to tempt Picky Sammie with new and inventive possibilities.

Whatever will we do with our time? Other than move, I mean. The last time we had only two dogs was in 1992 when we adopted "No, Dave!" from Greyhound Friends for Life and when he introduced me to the Greyhound-L. Since then, we've had as many as 11 greyhounds at a time, seven up until last Spring - all of them seniors or returns.

This greyt journey will not end- Sammie will be traveling with us to Southern California in spirit, even though her ashes will be mixed with her friends' along the trails of Schroeder's Swamp to nourish the place they've loved daily for more than 20 years. Sammie's rock will be placed in the Memorial garden there with all the others to let future owners know that this natural wonderland has been blessed by 35 of our very best friends.

We invite you to visit our Rainbow Bridge.

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