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Lexi Brockhoff 2003 - 2016

Lexi Brockhoff 2003 - 2016 - Click For EnlargementFour days from now on January 7, Lexi would have been exactly 12.5 years of age and her best human friends would have been visiting us from Humboldt and able to say goodbye to her. They were there, after all, when Lexi was first adopted from Greyhound Friends For Life to her first Humboldt home in 2008, and again when Lexi came into our family two years later.

But Lexi couldn't wait. Jerry and I thought she was a bit off, but not dangerously so when we took her to the vet this morning. We were shocked to learn that Lexi was, indeed, in grave danger with a belly full of blood and enlarged spleen or liver. Just like Stu. And Charles and Diana, and others of our large greyt family over the last 23 years...

Only last evening Lexi was dancing and wagging in front of me as we watched TV- staring at my face until my eyes met hers when she'd fake snap at my nose and nit my arm- assured that when I could no longer keep from laughing, she'd be rewarded with a treat. Yesterday morning, she went on her usual walk with Jerry, though their walks had become shorter and slower - but then, both girls were going on 13 years. We never suspected.

Hottie is now alone. She is nervous and insecure and almost totally deaf so she not only followed Lexi everywhere, but slept as close as she could get to her, sometimes standing over her front legs- often licking Lexi's ears, trembling most of the time. Who will tell Hottie when there is someone at the gate? Whatever will Hottie do without her personal guidedog?

Of more grave concern is, what will *I* do without Lexi? She was my girl- always with me and always perfectly behaved. Her perfection had nothing to do with any training or treatment on my part - I was merely the greytful recipient of her devotion. Perhaps Zinnia (Hottie's Mother) whispered something in Lexi's ear during the six months they lived together in our home. I am the most fortunate person ever to have had these two heart dogs in my life and to have loved 33 other special characters almost as much.

I am devastated. I cannot believe that she is so suddenly gone. After all these years and all these adored companions, it feels impossible to again start picking up extra beds and food stands. Could I have done ANYthing to keep this from happening? Did I tell her often enough how much I love her?

Lexi, Sweetheart, can you hear me now?

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