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TWO Square Bangles   On Sale, 40% Off!

TWO Square Bangles - Click For EnlargementOne of these bangles was on the website earlier before the second was even decorated. But it didn't sell for it's retail value of $175, so price is being reduced here in hopes both become more attractive. :)

One bangle is in polished sterling while the other is brushed. Both are embellished with a turquoise stone of freeform design featuring Brynn.

Measurements are identical: 2-5/8" X 2". Bangles, like rings, are difficult to purchase online because of sizing. We're happy to accept returns within a week's time if it doesn't fit....

Price: $105.00


Big Brushed Brynn Cuff!   On Sale, 25% Off!

Big Brushed Brynn Cuff! - Click For EnlargementYou may recall seeing this brushed sterling bracelet before- though in a different color. This one is of malachite composite with three little Brynns chasing one another around the centered spinel accent. It's a LOT of sterling!

Still, it's sort of a costly repeat at $275, so I'm lowering the price.

Price: $206.25


Mosaic Moonstone

Mosaic Moonstone - Click For EnlargementA colorful combination of turquoise and spiny oyster, this little pendant has a prettier-than-usual bail, features Brynn, and is accented by a teardrop dangle of moonstone. Like Brynn, its a very feminine pendant!

Note the 1" map pin for sizing comparison.


Mahogany Jasper Earrings

Mahogany Jasper Earrings - Click For EnlargementYou can see by the comparison to the 1" map pin that these earrings are about an inch in height. The Mahogany Jasper's deep tones are enhanced by the frilly sterling bezel.

A perfect setting for our Tiny 8Balls, right? He really stands out against this stone's rich background.

Price: $75.00


Designer Labradorite Bracelet

Designer Labradorite Bracelet - Click For EnlargementBy Monica Zamora and stamped with her hallmark and 925 sterling, this Labradorite stone is embellished with Snoozer!

Yes, its bendable to fit your wrist.

Two pendants by the same designer follow and may coordinate if you like "sets". Order one to go with the bracelet and we'll reduce your credit card charge by 20%.


Designer Labradorite Pendants

Designer Labradorite Pendants - Click For EnlargementThis pair of labradorite pendants by Monica Zamora are both of brushed sterling and have a larger bail than most pendants- allowing you to wear with a choice of beads or chains.

The pendant on the left is 1/4" in thickness compared to 1/8" on the right.

Either would coordinate with the bracelet by the same designer pictured above, and if you choose to purchase a "set", we'll reduce your credit card charge by 20%.


Fancy Lapis Mike

Fancy Lapis Mike - Click For EnlargementIf you appreciate quality and simplicity, this is the necklace for you! Note the brilliance in color of this chunk of Lapis Lazuli and its smooth texture- you'll see very few inclusions!

Such a lovely and sizable rectangle of lapis is deserving of this 22" heavy adjustable sterling chain- the only one we purchased. I knew they belonged together!

Oops- I forgot the 1" map pin in the image! The pendant measures 2" in height, 3/4" in width, and is 1/4" thick.


Ocean Jasper Earrings

Ocean Jasper Earrings - Click For EnlargementThese Ocean Jasper earrings have only a little of the stone's usual texture but they're of a lovely delicate color and are the perfect background for our Original Sized 8Balls.

It's summertime! Bring the ocean to you no matter where you are!

Price: $75.00


14K White gold Betty

14K White gold Betty - Click For EnlargementOK, here's the deal: this Betty pendant is from my private collection. For a while, it dangled a diamond circle (deserving of white gold instead of sterling) of my Mothers which I have now decided to restore to its original form.

Here, Betty suspends a pendant by Absolute inlaid with onyx and Mother of Pearl. Note how perfectly Betty's bottom foot fits into the pendant's bail.

It's possible that after enjoying this necklace for a while, You'll want to match Betty up with an antique jewel of your own- its entirely do-able.

Best photographed hanging to show what it will look like on your neck, I'm including the 20" adjustable sterling snake chain in the purchase.

Let me add that Betty's color in this image, due to lighting and reflection, doesn't do justice to its polished white gold.


Casual Snoozer!

Casual Snoozer! - Click For EnlargementSnoozer reclines among patches of navy glitter embellishments on a wooden background. We've offered some of these pendants before, but not exactly like this one.

We've added an 18" narrow rubber cord so its all set to adorn casual summer clothes. And this pendant is so lightweight, we'll offer FREE SHIPPING!

Price: $75.00


MOP Earrings

MOP Earrings - Click For EnlargementNot just any plain 'ol Mother of Pearl earrings, here our Tiny 8Ball rests atop a cylinder of sterling fancywork 3/8" tall.

Best thing about Mother of Pearl is that you can wear it with literally EVERYthing!


Versatile Larimar

Versatile Larimar - Click For EnlargementDefinitely open the picture- don't rely upon the thumbprint. The pendant is the feature here and, though the image may make it appear small, its 1.5" of hammered sterling, with gold plated trim by Stems & Gems.

Larimar is a costly stone, so this pendant would be best served by a sterling or gold chain, depending upon which color you prefer on any particular day.

But because this company uses a clasp that opens to welcome larger beads or chains, we're tossing in the 30" strand of blue and gold beads by Pinkhouse so you can wear Larimar on casual days, too!


Amethyst In Onyx

Amethyst In Onyx - Click For EnlargementAmethyst crystals glisten within the black background of this Betty-shaped triangle suspended from a little ruby cabochon accent stone.

And Betty steals the show!

Price: $185.00


Rhodo Grace

Rhodo Grace - Click For EnlargementThat's Rhodocrosite which appears in a million shades of pink anywhere between pastel and shocking!

Grace fits perfectly into the apex of this teardrop stone surrounded by sterling fancywork- you'll see I had to photograph it from an angle for best effect.


Agate Earrings

Agate Earrings - Click For EnlargementI love the translucent quality of agate. It's a very hard stone, however, and I don't love the fact that it takes 2 or 3 diamond drill bits to mount these Tiny 8Balls!

You can see by the 1" map pin that these little earrings are delicate and are surrounded by an attractive ropy bezel.


Lapis And Lapis

Lapis And Lapis - Click For EnlargementCreated by the same company in Poland specializing in Lapis Lazuli, these two pendants are similar. Perhaps photographing them together will help you choose.

Their size is almost identical, but the shades of lapis differ as do the dogs- the pendant on the left is adorned with our Large sized 8Ball, where our Original Sized 8Ball adorns the pendant on the right.


Special thanks to our Contributing Artists for
allowing their designs to join our own copyrighted Designer Dogs:
Jazz and Rainey by Mik Wilkens Design Inc.
Proud Howard by Jen Howard Art
Betty is owned by Sue Ross of Silk Road Collars
Davie is based upon the original artwork of Anita Gersch
Double Dogs was originally designed by Mary Beth Arthur of Marial Whippets
Rainbow Bridge Painting by Jeanni Davis of Dragonflyte Creations
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